Publishing and Drawing Tools


Calameo allows you to upload documents in all major formats and convert them into digital publications. You can share your published work on the site or embed it in a Web site or blog.


Comicbrush provides a simple way to create, publish, and share a comic. Their stock artwork includes a collection of comic backgrounds, characters, and props that you can mix with your own photos. You can add speech balloons, text, your own artwork, and more, and then publish your comic to the Web.

Comic Creator

Comic Creator provides tools for students to compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts (pre-writing, pre- and post-reading activities, response to literature, and so on). Students can choose backgrounds, characters, and props, and compose dialogue.


Formatpixel allows you to create an online magazine, fanzine, brochure, catalogue, portfolio, and more. You can design projects, lay out text, upload images, add interactivity, and customize the appearance by moving, inserting, or deleting pages to create multipage presentations.


Glogster provides tools in their EDU zone for students to create interactive online posters using photos, images, graphics, videos and sound. They can add links to other Web sites and embed their work in Web pages, wiki pages, or a blog.


GoAnimate enables you to create computer-animated stories, satires, and sentiments that can be shared online. The site offers features to customize animations, and you can include items from GoAnimate's library of ready-made characters, backgrounds, props, sound effects, and music.


Issuu provides a digital publishing platform for stories, books, reports, and other documents. You can create a digital edition of any writing by uploading your work to produce an online publication that simulates the look of a professional magazine.


Kerpoof provides tools for students to create artwork; make animated movies; tell a story; make printed cared, T-shirts, and musgs; and view the stories and movies of others. It includes instructions for making a picture using Picture Maker and a movie using Animation Studio.


LetterPop provides tools to create newsletters,, presentations, invitations, picture collages, and more. You can browse templates and drag and drop the one you want, type in ideas, upload pictures, and save your work.


MakeBeliefsComix provides the tools to create comic strips. It promotes creativity, tests new ideas, and provides ways to communicate through art and writing by offering a choice of characters with different moods that users can write words and thoughts for.


OpenZine provides a social publishing platform with browser-based tools to create work and display it as well as to share, control, and manage ideas. You create a cover and images online; add shapes, text and effects; and gather your information to create the Zine by mixing and matching content from multiple sources (with approval).


Pikistrips allos you to create comic strips, upload photos, add bubble comments, and then make them available to others. You can also create items (T-shirts, for example) that can be purchases, if you choose.


Pixton is a remixable, animated, comic Web site on which schools can create private, customizable, classroom sites as well as develop print-based materials. Students can create, share, and remix comics around content topics and also focus on grammar and spelling.


Plotbot offers collaborative screenwriting software for educators or students to develop their own plays.


Scrapblog is an online scrapbook creation tool with drag-and drop ability that allows you to add photos, personal touches, and share your creation. Students can keep their Scrapblogs private or make them public.


Scribd is a social publishing site where you can share work, manage documents, create reading lists, and publish creative materials instantly. You can create a classroom or a school community and invite others to read and view your work. You can index all works by search engines if desired.


Sketchfu is an online drawing site with the features of sophisticated drawing programs. Individuals may save and publish their drawings. Students can create free accounts and save their work to share, publish, and print.


Scripcreator is a Web site that allows you to create and save your own comic strips. You can print, export, and share these comics, or you can keep them private.


Stripgenerator allows you to create individual comic strips or a comic strip blog to explain, explore, or expand on your comic strip. You can save strips and make them public, or you can keep them private for specific groups of individuals.


Tikatok is an online publishing environment for children. They can start with a blank book or use one of many "story starters." After including drawings, decorations, and designing all aspects of the book, they can then save it. For a small fee they can create a hardcover or paperback book.


Toondoo provides you with tools to create your own comic strips and then publish, share, and discuss them.

Tux Paint

Tux Paint is a free drawing program for children aged 3 to 12 (PK-6). It has an easy-to-use interface and includes sound effects (which can be disabled) and an online cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program. It is also available in several languages. Students can print drawings or turn off this feature.